Zainab Chottani Embroidered Collection

This year present yourself before the world with the best in class embroidered suits straight from the house of Pakistan’s leading fashion

designer Zainab Chottani. The secret behind her internationally popular character originates from her creative and beautiful designs

introduced in the Pakistani clothing. In the beginning of her career, her main strength was bridal wear designing but due to her avalanching

success she’s currently well known for Prêt as well as Haute couture. Zainab Chottani puts the flavor of traditional colors along with the

creatively designed embroidery patches in her dresses. Her main motive behind the designing of designer embroidery clothing is to bring the

zest of dresses used in Mughal Era; the heaviness of accessories used in those dresses inspires Zainab Chottani. Thus blend of contemporary

fashion and historical designing gives rise to the mind blowing creativity experienced by people in Zainab Chottani’s Embroidered Suits. Zainab

Chottani has also been impressed by the historical landmarks of Pakistan and used to incorporate them in designing cloths too.

Zainab Chottani Embroidered Suits:

The embroidered suits designed by Zainab Chottani are a fine blend of high quality fabrics of multicolored patterns worked upon with highly

creative embroidery patches around border and neck lining. The professional team of Zainab Chottani under her vigilance and designing

concept provides precisely machined fittings for designer clothes, the fabrics used in Zainab Chottani Embroidered Suits is not merely a fake

quality cloth but a top quality cloth trusted by designers, this cloth is woven with embroidery of different designs and the embroidered

patches designed on the clothing looks fabulous unlike fake materials available in market whose embroidery work looks worse. Thus, Zainab

Chottani Embroidered Suits should be the choice of every women of Pakistan for all the seasons because the embroidered cloths from Zainab

Chottani are best suited for all types of festivals, weddings and other important events.

Emergence of Zainab Chottani’s flair:

On the way to attaining success in the field of fashion designing, besides Zainab Chottani Embroidered Suits, she launched two new brands

under label of Aqua and Mera Pakistan. Aqua is the label comprising of bright colored cloths and shirts for women to be worn in summer

season. After its tremendous demand, Mera Pakistan label came into existence which was compiled of Kurta’s designed by the cultural

symbols of Pakistan like Minar e Pakistan. Thus, emerging as a successful fashion designer by starting with bridal wears and peaking up with

the designing of embroidered suits with every other dress up is a great contribution to the world of fashion.

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