Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is the most overriding fashion designing realm ruled over by Sana Hashwani and
Safinaz Muneer since it was established i.e. 1989.  Sana Safinaz is the most trusted and
admired shopping precinct preferred   by women of all age groups. Their perfect designing technology, creatively beautifying talent and a pinch of customer satisfactory business is the recipe of Sana Safinaz success. The dominance of Sana Safinaz isn’t merely a co incidence but the fruits of their hard work which they showed in designing the clothes which people will love to wear in a best possible symmetry and fashion, by measuring every single inch of perfection and transforming into the greater than ever clothing designer.

Sana Safinaz wasn’t such a giant label when we take a look back at history, they started at Haute Couture and after gaining popularity, their itinerary towards success included Bridal Trousseau. If we take a glimpse now, Safinaz is currently the huge compilation of designers working on Haute Couture, Bridal Trousseau, Pret, Lawn as well as diffusion. This huge framework of projects currently handled by Sana Safinaz led to their involvement in every woman’s life one way or another.  

Sana Safinaz Summer Lawn Collection:

The season of Sana Safinaz Summer Lawn Collection 2015 is about to begin, this collection is going to be a huge auction of elegantly designed contemporary dresses for formal, casual, semi formal and party wear. The Summer Lawn Collection by Sana Safinaz is extremely admired by women because this occasion brings out uniquely contoured designs, fresh color schemes, creating a inclusive blend of perfect dressing sense. The talent of producing hybrid fashion clothes by mixing of contemporary and traditional style is one of the best things that the Summer Collection of Sana Safinaz flaunts.

Sana Safinaz Bridal Collection:

This collection of clothing by Sana Safinaz is the chief spot where their creativity in designing dresses is well-liked because every bride wants to dress up in the best possible dress in the world on the occasion of their wedding. Not only the bride but every woman attending the wedding wants to wear clothes with some wedding stroke and that stroke is inventiveness produced by Sana Safinaz.

This collection of clothing is designed with eye catching designs and colors, implemented by exotic wedding delight. The different artistic elements are mixed up with the contemporary clothing,   intermixing of western and Eastern clothing cultures results in the invention of some great dresses with perfect and sleeker cuts. This process of designing dresses by Sana Safinaz is known as Diffusion and is one of the most famous pieces of designing art. 

Sana Safinaz isn’t just a natively popular label but it is well known globally, its fame is wide spread in London, US, Middle East. This firm is an award winning fashion designing realm comprising of retail outlets and exhibitions being  managed all over the globe. After emerging from Karachi Pakistan, Sana Safinaz has laid down their flags of success across the whole globe.

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