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As the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end and Eid is fast approaching, everyone is hyped to celebrate with much pump and affair. And of course, any event is incomplete without new clothes to grace the auspicious occasion of Eid. Added with the celebrations, fun, laughter, food and drinks, the clothes are important because women take pride in their looks and even more pride in their outfits. Therefore, it would be an excellent idea to invest in some of the finest Pakistani Suits. These suits are not only appealing to the eyes, but they are of very high quality that would leave no chance for complaints.

This website provides a wide range of exotic and unique Pakistani Suits that would blow your minds away, we have a variety of dresses in various styles, shades and designs that would surely give that million bucks look to any woman. And the fact that our website sells only wholesale products makes it easier to buy in bulk for the special occasion of Eid. Below are merely some samples of what our product line up includes, read on to see some of our amazing inclusions on our Pakistani suits that would enhance the looks of the dresses.

Pakistanis are famous for the lawn material suits. This material is quite similar to cotton, but it oozes elegance. Despite being a bit expensive, this material is quite popular, therefore most of our dresses carries this beautiful material. The material is soft as cotton, which makes it quite comfortable to wear and is very compatible with all skin types. This material comes in plain and printed. The plain ones are accented with beautiful embroidery and zari work, whilst the printed ones carry its own unique look.

The flares (the bottom on the dress) of the dresses are equally important. They add that comfortable feel to the outfit, as well as, the royal look. The design is quite similar to the can-can (western name) gowns of the western that is unique to princess like modern dresses, therefore the flares offer that princess like feeling. Rather, wide flares are quite common, although they are not as wide as the western dresses. However, simple, narrow cuts of flares are available for those who prefer the simple yet sweet look. Each cut is unique per dress.

Pakistani suits are incomplete with some beautiful borders to accent the overall look of the dresses. The borders are generally made of silk. But there are various kinds of silk material available to suit all choices - Banaras silk, cotton silk and satin silk. Each border has its own style that would enhance the dress, but the broad borders are quite famous with various patches of colours. 
The lehenga (pant) of the dress may be as important as the top itself because this completes the look of the suit. The lehengas are usually of silk or cotton material as these are most comfortable. Even the lawn material is available for those who would like a complete elegant look. These lehengas may be plain or slightly designed.

The sleeves are as important as the lehenga. These are primarily made of net or shiffon as these materials are ideal to conceal and reveal at the same time, giving the dress a very different feel. Often the sleeves itself can carry its own unique design but can also have the design of the dress itself. Whichever way, the sleeves surely compliment the dress in every way possible. 

On to the dupattas. Just like the dupattas preserve our virtue, we often like to have a very beautiful dupatta that would protect our self respect. The dupattas are often made of shiffon and net material. This sheer material is as unique as every dress. They are often bordered in the unique design of the anarkali and usually sport various shades of colours. Like every other portion of the dress, the lawn material can be used to make the dupattas as well.

Finally, we'd like to address the topic of colours. There are absolutely every single shade of colour available at your disposal. It is understandable that people have preferences based on their likes and dislikes, but also based on the occasion, as well as, their skin tone. Therefore, we've taken all that into consideration to provide you with everything of your choice. 

With that, we conclude in hopes that you will understand our perspective on how we'd like to present our product line up to those out there who are looking to purchase Pakistani suits in bulk.

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