What are Pakistani Suits?

Pakistani Suits are designed and made by Pakistani Fashion Clothes, which specializes in the latest Fashions in the clothing industry. The Pakistani suits made target the Asian market mostly but anyone beyond the Asian market can be able to buy such suits and wear them for whatever they desire. The designed and tailored suits are made for both male and female customers. However, the company specializes in ladies and women suits mostly for various functions. The suits made for the Indian market form the biggest market for the suits which are sold in bulk and wholesale followed by this other countries.

There are two major categories of suits that are made. We have designer suits and ready made suits. Designer suits are made by the most experienced workers in the company. The fabric is cut to precision and sewn to the highest level of craftsmanship. Designer Pakistani suits cost more than the other types because of the attention required and time taken to make them. These are the highest quality suits that are being produced. Ready made suits are the other types of suits made by Pakistani Fashion clothes.

These suits are made in a normal production line where they all follow the same process and hence mass production is easy for these suits They have no special features unlike the designer suits and are use to satisfy a given range of functions using only one piece of suit. The designer suits are much more expensive than the ready made suits because of the amount of time and skill invested in their production.

The Pakistani suits can be made from cotton, polyester, cotton and polyester blend, silk, georgette, chiffon, organza, lawns and satin. The type of fabric used to produce the suit determines the type of design and decoration. Some fabrics work best with embroidery as their form of decoration. Others cannot be embroidered and are therefore printed on or dyed with different inks depending on the color and design of the final suit. The better the decoration the more attractive the suit looks and therefore the more the customers it attracts.

Al Karam, Dawood Lawn, Firdous Collection, Gul Ahmed, Five Star, Khaadi Lawn, Nishat Collection, and unbranded suits among others.The most common Pakistani ready made suit is the Salwar Kameez (popularly known as Shalwar Kameez) Collection Even though it is a ready made suit, it can also be customized for the customer. However this customization can only be done in bulk so that the suits can be supplied in wholesale to other suppliers

The production process of Pakistani suits comes with an option of customization of patterns and designs to be put on the fabric This of course comes at a greater cost but the satisfaction of having a custom made suit outweighs the cost of undertaking that process The embroidery and stitching done on the suits is done at the highest level of design and craftsmanship available The designers and tailors are highly trained and are experts at doing their jobs There are several templates of the designs available that are put on the suits on a normal basis These designs can however change depending on the tastes and preferences of each specific customer or a group of customers. The customer can come with their own design template which is to be printed on the fabric of the suit.

Suits serve several functions in the day to day activities of people. The best thing about Pakistani suits is that they are not limited like the regular suits. Most regular suits are only limited to official functions. Pakistani suits on the other hand can be used for daily activities, formal activities, casual wear, evening wear, party clothes, bridal wear, dinner dress and other social gatherings. This makes them very versatile and useful at all times

The Pakistani suits made are sold either locally in Pakistan or exported to other countries, mostly Asian countries where the demand for such suits is highest. They are sold in bulk by the producing company to distributors who again sell them in wholesale to retailers who finally make the available to the customers. In the case of customized suits then the order has to be made directly in the producing company for the specifications to be handled by the best workmen in the company.

The Pakistani suits are really useful and versatile pieces of clothing that would be highly encouraged and recommended to anyone desiring to buy suits in the mean time especially for women and ladies.

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