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Choose the Right Indian Wear to Look Slimmer

To look slimmer is every girl’s plight when selecting the clothes to wear. It is believed that slimmer girls have the option to wear anything and look good. While it is said that Indian clothes make you look skinny, it is definitely imperative to find the right kind of clothes to fit your body type.
It is important to have a good collection of just the right kind of Indian wear in your wardrobe. Buying small floral print georgette suits on wholesale just because they are a safe bet for people on the heavier side is not the best thing to do.
Here are some tips you might find handy while picking up Indian wear to make you look thinner:
1.       If you are a little on the bulkier side, silk, crepe, georgette and linen are for you. These fabrics cling along your body in just the right proportion and don’t make you look bigger as other fabrics like chiffon or polyester would do.
2.       It is also important that you do not choose fabrics like spandex or other stretchable fabric, as these will stick along the curves, making you look bulkier.
3.       When you choose the fabrics for suits, prefer picking up ones with fewer borders, embroidery or other work. Dress materials with a lot of embroidery or laces will make you look bigger.
4.       If you have heavy arms, you must try and avoid sleeveless clothes. Visible heavy arms can kill the look of the best suits or saris.
5.       Try and avoid frills, pleats or layers at those places of your body where you think you are heavy.
6.       You might want to pair your kurtas with churidars instead of salwars or patialas. Churidars will make the entire structure look slimmer and taller. For casual wears, you may also pick up one of the readymade leggings.
7.       Anarkalis and A-line kurtas look great; however, you have to be cautious when selecting the fabric or designs. In case of Anarkalis, you should go for the ones with less number of kalis.
8.       When you are on the lookout to buy materials for your suit, look for smaller prints. Big prints or patterns on the fabric make you look fatter than you are.
9.       Dupattas or jackets are great accompaniments to your salwar suits; they look very elegant and they camouflage the fat on your tummy.
10.   You may consider getting straight fit kurtas that end a little below your knees. These are classic and fit for any body type.
11.   Avoid puff on the sleeves if you have broad shoulders; they make the shoulders look wider than they are.
12.   When you select the color of your fabrics, look for rustic, earthy and dark colors. However, you must pick up colors you are comfortable in; you might just find home in trying a bright colored dress.
It is alright if you do not find the right type of readymade suits in the market. You always have an option to pick up the desired fabric and give it a personal touch. You will find a variety of different types of silk, crepe or georgette suits on wholesale or retail prices.

Above all this, it is important you find clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. 

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