Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection

Gul Ahmed is the standalone clothing designer brand of Pakistan ruling the women’s fashion world since 1952 and has laid its impact all over Asia. This famed clothing brand deals with the designing of clothes with latest creativity for all the seasons and women of all ages. Every year, latest collection of designer dresses is introduced by Gul Ahmed where dress up’s of latest trends and designs are made available. It’s the famous clothing collection of Pakistan and this year Gul Ahmed Lawn collection has a lot of stuff which should definitely be tried.

Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection:

This year’s fascinating Gul Ahmed Lawn collection has just arrived for sale, the designer clothing is designed from totally promised top class fabrics. A huge number of latest graceful designs have been introduced in this welcome summer season of 2015.the coupling of cultural dress and the contemporary dress ups for this season of Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection has been introduced with the thought that Pakistani young girls want the top class fashionable clothing framed in the cultural outfit which is achieved by introducing accessorial patches of embroidery designs at different places on the dress.

Innovation straight from Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection:

The cultural Chunri which is loved to be worn by Pakistani women has been given fashion touch with introduction of new colorful patterns and style for Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection. This collection is not a small scale one but it’s a huge compilation of multi colored dresses ready to be worn on parties, festivals and special occasions. With innovation comes the responsibility to maintain usage of the best quality material which is the specialty of Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection providing women’s designer clothes manufactured from top class cotton, silk, chiffon and wool fabrics. This year Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection has incorporated extra usage of patches and borders at the front and rare side of dresses. These patches and bordered designs are designed of embroidery, print styling, block designing and lace work. This high class work over the best designer dresses makes them look perfectly sophisticated and luxurious for women. This Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection isn’t all bout hiked prices but every women can visit here and explore the wide range of designer dresses available at reasonable price rate.

Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection isn’t all about the fashionable dresses for women but a huge treasure of sophisticatedly designed shirts, pants and coats are also available. The Pakistani shirts are block printed with variety of fabrics and available in different shades of colors. These clothes for men are perfectly designed to attain your handsome personality at special occasions like weddings and festivals. The men can also choose to wear designer shirts or other clothing which resembles the designer dress of his loved one and totally rock the atmosphere at any occasion.

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