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6 Markets in Delhi that Every Shopping Freak must Visit

Delhi, the capital city, hosts a lot of shopping destinations for different kind of clothes. Ask a Delhiite and they will tell you in detail where you would get what. Each clothing item or jewelry or footwear has a designated market in their minds. If you are one of those who wins every bargaining battle with the shopkeepers, you have got it all that takes to shop in Delhi.
Here is a list of 6 most interesting shopping destinations in Saddi Dilli:
1.       Lajpat Nagar: Lajpat Nagar market is located in the central Delhi and is one of the favorite destinations for all Delhiites. Be it clothes, footwear, jewelry or food, you will find it all here. The main market is called Central Market and this is where you will find everything to build a complete wardrobe. If you are looking for wholesale suits, you may want to consider visiting Amar Colony, which is very close to the Central Market. Here, you will find a variety of different ethnic wear. They even supply stocks for some of the known ethnic-wear brands.
2.       Sarojini Nagar: This is another street shoppers’ paradise in Delhi; the love of every Delhiite! This is the place where you can test your bargaining skills and bag the deal of your life. Sarojini Nagar has pavement shops that sell heaps of t-shirts, tops, sweaters, jeans, lowers, bags and much more. Because of its close proximity to Delhi University’s South Campus, the market is always filled with students and youngsters.
3.       Sadar Bazaar: Sadar is the biggest wholesale market in Delhi; most retailers in town get their stocks from here. This happens to fall near Chandni Chowk and is easily accessible. You will find all household articles at very cheap prices here. This is one of the places every shopaholic must visit in Delhi.
4.       Chandni Chowk: The heart of purani dilli, this place is where you would find the true essence of Delhi, be it food, clothes, people or the ancient buildings. This is where you would find the hub for ethnic Indian clothes; from retail sari stores to wholesale suits shops. The shopkeepers here are very hospitable and most of them would ask you for tea and snacks while you find what you are looking for in their shops.
5.       Karol Bagh: Karol Bagh falls in the central Delhi and is another great shopping destination. Karol Bagh has a comfortable mix of a number of branded showrooms, non-branded shops and small, attractive road-side vendors. This place is the chosen market for wedding shopping. You will find the best ethnic clothes in town here; be it suits, saris or lehengas.
6.       Paharganj: Paharganj market is known for its international leather market and the small shops with attractive items starting from clothes and bags to musical instruments. You will also find cheap hotels and cafes that attract foreigners. The shopkeepers here speak foreign most languages.

These are some of the great shopping destinations in Delhi one must not miss when visiting. You are sure to bag some great deals when you visit these places.

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